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Commercial Demo - Lesley Larsen

Born in Lexington, VA, I excelled in theatre. We’re talking, I was four when I was in my first play. So naturally, the next step was for me to go to college to study medicine (I was a confused youth). After about a day of biology and chemistry, I decided to go back to my true love and study Acting at Brigham Young University. After graduation, I moved to Phoenix, AZ where I worked as an Improv comedian and, strangely enough, as a gate agent for an airline (you know, the person who tells you your flight has been cancelled?...yeah, that was fun...), then I moved to Staunton, VA where I earned my MFA in Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature in Performance (phew…that’s a mouthful) from Mary Baldwin University and started working with the American Shakespeare Center both on stage as an Actor and as an Education Artist. From there, I’ve been able to share my love of theatre and acting to college students as an Adjunct Professor for several universities. This built a strong foundation for me when I decided to become a Voice Actor.


I pride myself on being the type of person who is ridiculously passionate about the projects I take on. As a voice actor, I bring my enthusiasm, imagination, and dedication to my voiceover work.

The best thing I like about being a voice actor is the variety of characters I’m able to play on a daily basis. From a teen educating people about the solar system, to a mom discussing her tips to make her life easier, to an evil villain plotting to steal a herd of cattle, I love getting to explore and show my versatility as an artist.


Now, I wouldn’t say that I’m clever, amazing, and delightful. But my friends do…(teehee). But deep down very few people know that I am so connected to words that I get teary-eyed when I hear/read beautifully written pieces of literature (“We few, we happy few, we Band of Brothers”…ahhhh gets me everytime!). Maybe that’s why I enjoy doing voiceovers so much. Because it’s a vital part of who I am.

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